Frozen Peas and Capris? Yes, Please.


Thanks to a frenzy of “Walmartian” websites showcasing customers clad in Richard Simmon-esque shorts, white fishnets and orange pumps (and that was a man),  “chic” and “Walmart” don’t quite go hand in hand.

So like a bullied child, the store gets made fun of, laughed at and worst of all . . . ignored.

Therefore, it’s high time we embrace our “glass half full” optimism and flirt a little with this mysterious underdog. That is, let’s give Walmart  —one of my favorite stores (there, I said it)— a try.

A more serious try.

Together, we can push this Grannie bloomer and kitty turtleneck “WalMyth” to the curb and instead, browse flattering cups – demi and ceramic. There, we can choose between hair colors and hair traps, 3-inch pumps and 3-pound weights. Through it all, we’ll look more closely at the quirky characters in bestsellers or on funky graphic tees and not so much at the ones that may be standing next to us.

Let’s not forget the convenience factor, too. In today’s world, it sure is easier—and expected—to have immediate access to everything you want, precisely when you it. What store does this better than Walmart? Feta cheese, doe urine, Nair and a Paula Deen stockpot.

All that, plus the chance to spot a spandex-wearing grandmother desperately trying to find her electric blue eyeliner . . . and her unique inner chic.

Welcome, Walmart shoppers.

The roasted chicken and clothing combo.


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