Jen Lilley. “Hey, someday, I’m gonna write a book too!”

They say one bad sunburn is all it takes to change your life forever. I should know.

It was the day I knew writing was in my blood. I was about eight, high on Sugar Smacks and low on Coppertone. As a result, I sat with cold cream in one hand and a pen in the other, writing a commercial that touted the soothing benefits of Noxema. Granted, it was quickly scrawled on a Snoopy notepad, but the thrill of explaining it to my parents . . . now that was when I was really bursting out of my skin. 

Wolves & Odors

From there came published letters to editors on everything from the plight of wolves (USA Weekend) to ever-growing landfills (Staten Island Advance). College years were occupied with a “Thought in Passing” campus newspaper column. Those days also marked the start of my slice-of-life articles appearing in Gannett Co. local newspapers, as I shared everything from a humorous look at searching for love online to the bittersweet reflections of buying a first home. 

To this day, my passion for writing continues.  

Weight a minute!

In addition to Thought Buffet’s commentaries about the world around us, I also created the website, Flabby Road.

Flabby Road offers lighthearted, thought-provoking insights about health/weight topics -and society’s ongoing fascination with it-  from the eyes of its once 70-pound heavier author (yup, that would be me!)

I’ve also participated in essay contests and have held several corporate and creative writing postions during my public relations and advertising agency careers.

Photography also piques my interest; check out some of my images here.

Split Pic Illusion

What else?

Handshakes & Handstands 

As a former miltary dependent (hey, I like that better than, “brat”), my hand has held cellos, pieces of a historic wall and plenty of cups of coffee.  It’s also shaken hands with people it probably shouldn’t have, and at times, wished it held on to other moments just a little longer. My hands have sweat from traveling at insane autobahn speeds and have steadily applied toenail polish and outfits to dogs.


I’m intrigued by the world around me, and am driven to explore, learn and experience as much as I can. Sometimes silly (making faces and responding to emails in rhyme one moment), sometimes serious (engrossed in news sites and needless worry the next), it’s all about balance, and once in a while . . . losing balance too.

I live in Freehold, NJ.

Thought Buffet: Something for Everyone

This blog, Jen Lilley’s Thought Buffet, is designed to offer a variety of thoughts about society.  Fill up on commentaries that explore personal experiences and observations about the world around us. I hope you find these slice-of-life stories have just the right blend of genuine personality, tongue-in-cheek attitude and a caring, lighthearted spirit.

Keep coming back for seconds!

Thanks for your interest!










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